Graphics Engine based on OpenGL.

  Quality Graphics - The 3D Game Builder uses graphical features of newer OpenGL versions.
  Speed - Optimized architecture to provide a high performance applications.
  Realism - Create realistic environments using high quality textures with shaders effects.


Environments Editor fully integrated with the 3D Game Builder.

  Project Types - Several pre-defined projects with initial game structure ready to use.
  Drag and Drop System - Easily create complex environments with simple mouse clicks.
  Real-Time Environments Creation - View the final result of your creation before run your application.
  Pre-defined Object - Basic geometric shapes to create simple environments.
  Simple and intuitive interface - To facilitate the maximum use of the tool.
  Object Manipulation - Move, rotate or change the shape of objects easily using the mouse.
  Tree Creation - Create custom procedural trees in real time by changing its form, leaves, etc..
  Camera Creation - Create several cameras in the environment and run-time switch between them.
  Interfaces Creation - Buttons, forms, edits and other components for interface creation.
  Material Creation - Create materials and textures to use objects in the environment.

Models Import

Total integration with 3D modeling software.

  Model Importing - Directly import 3D models created in 3D modeling software.
  Formatos Suportados:
      - 3DS (3D Studio MAX)
      - LWO (Lightwave)
      - OBJ (Wavefront)
      - SMD (Half Life Model)
      - MD2 (Quake 2 Model)
      - MD3 (Quake 3 Model)
      - MD5 (Doom 3 Model)
      - VRML (Virtual Reality Model)
      - Entre outros...
  Animation - Import animated characters and objects in SMD, MD2 and MD3 formats


Script language based on Pascal language.

  Pascal - The same language commonly used to teach logic programming can be used for scripting in 3D Game Builder.
  Events - Event oriented script programming.
  Pre-defined Functions - More than 800 functions and pre-defined procedures.
  Endless Possibilities - The scripting language allows the strings manipulation to 3D objects control.
  Data Base - In addition to functions specific to the language games script also allows access to multiple databases, access to files, manipulate the Windows registry, etc.
  Script Builder - The Script Builder allows the automatic scripts generation without programming them.

Terrain and Skybox

Create external environments using skybox and heightmaps.

  Skybox Creation - Increase the depth and realism in the environments using skyboxs.
  Heightmap - Easily create terrains using 2D images in gray scale.
  Quality - Quality control on the number of triangles used to generate the terrain.
  Mapping - Support mapping of the texture applied on the terrain.
  Terrain Texture Builder - Use the Terrain Texture Builder to automatically generate the texture for the terrain.


Various special effects for use in environments.

  Particle System - Simulate fire, snow, smoke and other effects easily using the particles system.
  Rays - Easily create rays of light using the ray system.
  Fog - Add fog to environments to give him a greater degree of realism.
  Water - Water simulation using water planes.


Pre-defined shaders to create realistic environments.

  Pre-defined Shaders - Several shaders that can be easily associated with any object.
  Post Effect - Several effects of scene (Gray, Noise, NightVision, Blur, etc.) to simulate various situations.
  Custom Shaders - Create new shaders or edit the pre-defined to add new effects to objects.

Light and Shadows

Lights and shadows to create realistic environments.

  Lights - Create environments with several lights to a greater degree of realism.
  Custom Lights - Create custom lights with different colors, intensity and attenuation.
  Shadows - Automatically shadow generation for the objects on the light sources.
  Material - Automatic interaction of material color and texture on the emitted light over them.


Automatic Physics Simulation.

  Collisions - Automatic collisions detection and control the size of the virtual object.
  Dynamic Objects - Automatic creation of objects that can be pushed and moved by the player.
  Collision Modes - Support for multiple modes of collision (Slide, Bounce, etc).

Audio and Video

Integrated 3D Audio Environment.

  3D Audio - 3D sound system based on FMOD library.
  Audio System - Audio-based in sources and recipients with distance control
  Formats - Support for audio formats WAV and MP3.
  Video - Support for most common video formats, Windows (avi, mpg, wmv, etc).